Heat Shielding

Severn Subsea Technologies offers heat shield thermal protection up to 400°C based on Dewar technology.  Dewars are available in three fundamental designs: Single open ended, Feedthru, and Hybrid.

Single open ended

This a dewar much like a cylinder into which a payload can be inserted from one end, the other being closed off. This dewar is light in weight and only provides containment and thermal protection for the payload, it does not withstand pressure.


As above, but the closed end now provides a smaller diameter through hole that permits wiring and other components to pass from the outer to inner space.


The dewar can offer either of the above access options but the outer skin of the dewar is a structural tube that is designed to withstand the rated pressure and forms part of the tool housing.

Manufacturing capabilities

The current facilities enable the production of dewars up to 4.5m (~15ft) in length with operational temperature limits of 450°C.

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