Seismic Sensors and Carriers

Severn Subsea Technologies offers a range of multi-component seismic sondes for both short and long term deployment applications.

Fibre optic sensing

Real time field management, bi-directional control and monitoring, fiber-optic systems capture and transmit distributed temperature profiles with fiber optics reliably, accurately, and in real time to identify the time, location, and reason for changes in flow.

Sensor Array Systems

Multiple tools can form an array for the monitoring of a particular area in real time, digital sensor array system obtains reservoir data across the sandface of subsea wells in real time to monitor and characterize flow profiles. Electromagnetic induction enables wireless communication and power transmissions between the upper and lower completions.

Permanent sensors

Long-term stable, accurate measurements. integrate the most advanced permanent downhole gauges with surface data communication to allow remote monitoring of wells and reservoirs in real time. Pressure, temperature, and flow rate data are transmitted to remote location via satellite, Internet, or cable.

Seismic Sensors

Severn Subsea Technologies offers a range of multi-component seismic sondes for both short and long term deployment applications.

The seismic sondes use the latest digital technology presented the capability of producing seismic arrays with a full 200°C capability for extended deployment downhole. The type of sensor will depend upon the application but will typically range from geophones through to very sensitive, high temperature accelerometers.

Seismic Sensor Carriers

Severn Subsea Technologies (SST) also offers ruggedised carriers used to house and deploy fibre optic accelerometer based seismic sensing tool. The SST sensor sonde carrier enables safe and easy multi-station seismic array installations in well tubing or casing.

The seismic sensor carriers are made from stainless steel, and machined at Severn Subsea Technologies’ state-of-the-art manufacturing facility in Redruth, Cornwall. To enable the seismic sensor and carrier assembly to be integrated within the fibre optic cable reel ahead of shipping, the carrier is designed with hinges allowing it to wraparound the reel. Once offshore the cable reel is unwound and the sensor assembly attached to the mandrel, the carrier hinges locked off, and lowered downhole.

SST offers a range of carriers systems for seismic sensors which are applicable to a range of downhole applications including oil and gas and fracking.

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