As never before, the need to cut exploration and production costs, and reduce commercial and environmental risk is driving the downhole tool agenda.

In a mature market these might be perfectly realistic expectations. After all, improvements in materials, and engineering and communications technologies, should produce more robust tools offering greater reliability. This would be true, were it not for the insatiable appetite of operators for tools that can provide more comprehensive monitoring, stay down the hole practically indefinitely, and go to ever higher temperatures and pressures (HPHT).

  • Caliper Tool

    Severn Subsea Technologies offers a range of calipers exist to suit different applications.

    Caliper Tool
  • HP / HT Production Logging Tools

    Severn Subsea Technologies HP / HT production logging tools.

    HP / HT Production Logging Tools
  • Camera and Video Tools

    New technology, ideas and project management.

    Camera and Video Tools
  • Seismic Sensors and Carriers

    Severn Subsea Technologies offers a range of multi-component seismic sensors.

    Seismic Sensors and Carriers

Latest News

  • WaveSub links with grid-simulation buoy supported by Severn Subsea Technologies

    The Marine Energy on-line magazine have recently published an article about the Marine Power Systems (MPS) WaveSub, on which Severn Subsea Technologies have designed, assembled and tested the electro-hydraulic control system. To read the full article visit

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  • ‘Inspire an Engineer’ Initiative

    Severn Subsea Technologies Ltd will be joining forces with government and industry to give thousands of young people inspiring experiences of engineering, as part of a year-long campaign to tackle the engineering skills gap and widen the pool of young people who join the profession.

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  • Marine Power Systems (MPS) Unveil WaveSub Device

    Severn Subsea Technologies (SST) began working with Marine Power Systems, a wave power technology development company ..

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  • First Marine-i Discovery Room Event attracts huge interest

    The inaugural Marine-i Discovery Room Event was held on 27th September 2017 at St Austell Business Centre – “How can Research, Development and Innovation projects attract investment and what are the options available?”

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