Badger Explorer Exploration Tool

The Badger Explorer is a new formation and reservoir evaluation tool that drills into the subsurface without the risks, cost and complexity of drilling an exploration well with a rig.

The tool drills into the subsurface and buries itself. It features a slim electrically powered drilling system and carries sensors, which continuously record data producing logs while drilling, and providing continuous, long-term data in surveillance mode. 

The Badger Explorer consists of the following main functions:

• drill bit driven by an electro-motor and gear
• cutting transport, deposition and compression
• spooled cable, through which power is supplied to the tool and data transferred to surface.

Its development is based on the use of proven technology, combined with proprietary solutions. It is a non-reusable exploration tool that remains permanently underground.

The target specifications of the long-term development efforts are:

• Depth (total vertical penetration depth):  3000 m +
• Time to 3000 m: 2 months at an average ROP (Rate of Penetration) of 2 meters/hour (depends on rock hardness)
• Borehole size: 6
• Power requirement: 10 kW
• Recording/logging of traditional parameters.
• In the medium term, the target of the development is to create a Badger Explorer capable of delivering information of value to our customers, within a less demanding operational environment.

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