Sealing Systems

Severn Subsea Technologies (SST) has experience of developing sealing systems for a wide range of subsea and HPHT downhole equipment.

The seal systems can be elastomer, composite and metal depending on the operating environment. In particularly aggressive environments, where polymer-based seals are impractical, the seal may be eliminated altogether by using high tolerance, metal-metal precision joints.

Subsea valve seals are designed for continuous use, providing many years of maintenance-free service in Xmas tree, manifold and pipeline applications.  Downhole tools, on the other hand, are more demanding. Exposed to high temperatures and pressures, hydraulic fluids and aggressive chemicals/gases, they require specialist knowledge in the choice of sealing material and seal design.

Extending the time the monitoring / logging tool can spend downhole by even an hour can provide vital well information simply not available any other way. SST is skilled in designing sealing systems that optimize a tool’s time spent downhole.

Using its knowledge of the strengths and weaknesses of various sealing materials, SST is able to design sealing systems to meet a single environmental requirement such as high temperature. More commonly, we are faced with multiple environmental factors where an array of sealing systems is needed. These extend the tool’s time downhole by providing multiple barriers that have to be breached before the tool has to be recovered to the surface.

Sealing Systems

Valve Bulkhead Assembly

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