Remote Seismic Monitoring

For over 25 years engineers at Severn Subsea Technologies (SST) have been developing and manufacturing multi-component geo-seismic monitoring tools for both short and long term deployment applications.

The seismic sensor selection depends upon the application but will range from geophones through to very sensitive, high temperature accelerometers. All SST sondes tools have high temperature and high pressure ratings for borehole seismic monitoring of wells and reservoirs in oil and gas, and fracking.

The sondes tools can include multiple sensors per axis, simple single sondes terminated directly onto deployment cables (shallow applications—<500m) or complex electronic systems packaged into pressure housings with fully removable cableheads for multi-level arrays. Communications offered include: wireline, monoline and fibre optic.
Seismic MonitorsFibre Optic Sensor Development

Severn Subsea Technologies has recently worked with one company to enhance their downhole seismic monitoring capability based on fibre optic communications. We were able to reduce the complexity of their seismic sensor packaging, modify the sensor clamping system design, and simplify the unit’s fibre optic connection (52 fibres) to produce a sensor package that is simpler to manufacture and offers greater reliability during permanent deployment.

Remote Monitoring

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