Camera & Video Systems

The internal inspection of risers and pipelines is at the cutting edge of new developments in camera & video systems. Severn Subsea Technologies (SST) has been at the forefront of many of these tooling innovations.

Camera & video systems used in oil and gas inspections face significant technical challenges. During inspection the camera will be subject to the mechanical rigours of deployment and aggressive chemicals. The camera has to operate in poor light levels, yet have sufficient resolution to provide meaningful image data for algorithmic analysis.

Tool size, image resolution, thermal resistance and communications are critical design issues. New developments by Severn Subsea Technologies in camera tools are designed to giving engineers unprecedented access to riser and pipeline inspection images.

SST innovations in camera and video inspection systems include:

- Lens technology providing fisheye lens with 180⁰ field of view

- HD quality image resolution (2MP colour camera with 4 fps stored to memory) and ‘live’ streaming of black and white QVGA compressed video.


Camera Systems

Riser and Downhole camera systems Heat resistant electronics for downhole camera Riser and piepline camera system Trial camera system in development Advanced design engineering

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