Directional Control Valves

Directional Control Valves (DCVs) are an integral part of a Subsea Control Module (SCM) on trees and manifolds to control the application of hydraulic pressure. Severn Subsea Technologies (SST) manufactures a range of DCVs for subsea applications.

SST supplies “Mono-Stable” featuring a single pilot to open or close when electric current is applied or removed and “Bi-Stable” – featuring two pilots (one at either end) which operate when electric current is applied to the open solenoid but does not close when electric current is removed. The DCV closes when either electric current is applied to the close solenoid or when supply pressure drops below a pre-determined value. In addition we offer “dump” and “change over” type valves.

The SST DCV design is very compact, yet offers high flow capability (CV value). The simple design can be packaged and configured to suit individual customer requirements.

Dedicated DCV Production Unit

Severn Subsea Technologies invests in Directional Control Valve manufacture.

Cleanroom manufacture of Directional Control Valves.

Severn Subsea Technologies has a dedicated DCV production unit, for the manufacture of DCVs; this includes the Class 7 (ISO 14644-1) cleanroom for assembly and flushing the DCVs, and a hyperbaric chamber for proof testing the valve’s delatching pressure.

3rd Generation DCV – Variable Delatch Pressure

Increased levels of subsea processing are prompting the development of next generation DCV valves by Severn Subsea Technologies are capable of handling higher pressures and temperatures, and greater water depths.  DCV valves are a key component in subsea processing safety systems.  In the event an Emergency Shut Down (ESD) is initiated, the DCVs can be set to delatch at different pressures, ensuring tree and manifold valves close in the correct sequence.

Going Deeper

We are currently developing a 4th Generation DCV designed for higher pressure environments encountered at water depths in excess of 1,100m.

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