• Integrated Telemetry and Control

  • Precision design and engineering

  • Comprehensive in-house test facilities

  • High integrity – low power HPHT electronics

Severn Subsea Technologies – innovative engineering & products

Severn Subsea Technologies specialises in the research and development of subsea valves, HPHT downhole tools, and camera systems, for oil and gas applications. ISO 9001 registered, the company is IEC 80079-34 compliant, enabling manufacture of ATEX Zone 0 and IECEx intrinsically safe systems.

As demands on subsea exploration, monitoring and production systems continue to grow, there is a need for the innovative and multi-disciplinary approach to subsea engineering provided by Severn Subsea Technologies.

Our systems integration competencies include: mechanical, electrical and software engineering, camera and video systems, hydraulic and sealing systems, and heat shield technologies. We are a clear technology leader in high temperature electronics, camera and video systems and heat shielding – all key skills needed to develop resilient and reliable HPHT downhole tools.

The engineering and manufacturing insights gained from working in extreme HPHT environments are now being applied to the development of ‘next generation’ subsea valves, and valve systems integration. As operators go to deeper waters, valve systems offering unparalleled levels of reliability and integrity management, supplied by Severn Subsea Technologies, will set the standard for subsea production.